When building overhead transmission lines, many accessories will be used in addition to the insulator strings.

The accessories serving for vibration protection are stated and described separately.
Conductors cannot be produced in an infinite length. At applications where no fitting lengths are inserted, it will therefore be necessary to connect the conductor ends.

As for aluminium conductors, mechanical splicing is not possible. This is why mechanical compression is the preferred connecting and repair technique.

As for repair of conductor damage, however, there are also spiral fittings that can be positioned by the fitter without additional devices.

In order to enable defined guidance of the conductor loop for span poles, simple screwed conductor spacers will be mounted into the conductor bundle. In areas particularly endangered by wind or high tensions due to special topographic conditions, loading weights will be installed for purposes of weight compensation. In this respect, there are different weight classes and models in Mosdorfer’s product portfolio.

Phase spacers for voltages of up to 500 kV for single conductors and conductor bundles serve to prevent incidents due to short circuits or to minimize the risk of galloping (low-frequent conductor dancing).

Furthermore, we would like to mention such accessories as air warning ball or a solar powered warning lamp, which serve for aeronautic visualization of overhead transmission lines.