Honeywell Elster Accessories


Alpha Keys

Alpha Keys is available for both the ALPHA Plus and A3 ALPHA meter. Alpha Keys is a combination of hardware (called the Hard Key) and software (called Soft Keys) that can perform either meter type upgrades (for example, upgrade a demand only meter to a time of use meter) or function upgrades (for example, add load profile). You can also purchase additional Soft Keys to replenish your existing Hard Key.



Elster UNICOMâ„¢ III probes are a family of portable optical (infrared) communication interfaces. UNICOM III probes are used for transferring digital information between Elster electronic meters and various reader/programmer equipment manufactured by Elster and other companies.

Elster offers the UNICOM III probe with the standard two-element ANSI probe interface, the standard two-element for IEC FLAG port interface, and two-element Euro-Probe for IEC FLAG port interface.

UNICOM III probes are available in a variety serial port connectors, cable lengths and styles.