EnergyAxis System

EnergyAxis System

Proven, fast and interoperable Smart Grid solutions.

While many others have promised the delivery of Smart Grid technologies and systems that will integrate with complex utility operations, they have fallen well short of expectations.

With more than 80 deployed systems, EnergyAxis from Elster is a proven, IP-based two-way communications network that performs reliably in harsh real-world utility environments. With verified applications and support for AMI, Demand Response, Distribution Automation, Outage Detection/Restoration, Revenue Protection, and a host of other utility requirements, EnergyAxis provides unifying solutions for the Smart Grid.

Simply put, EnergyAxis is proven to work, can be deployed today and is engineered to expand for future Smart Grid requirements. Make the proven choice, contact us today for more information about EnergyAxis and Elster.

The most proven Smart Grid solutions.

EnergyAxis is the most advanced and complete suite of Smart Grid solutions ever created. Developed by Elster – the world’s leader in Smart Metering – the EnergyAxis system architecture delivers the industry’s leading bandwidth, scalability and flexibility.

With more than 60 Smart Grid deployments already in operation, and over two million smart meters installed worldwide, we possess the engineering intelligence and financial strength to provide your utility with the right solution every time.

Simply put, EnergyAxis is the right choice for all of your Smart Grid needs.

Unifying customers with the most interoperable solutions
EnergyAxis is the most interoperable Smart Grid Communications Solution available. Our unsurpassed interoperability and IP-capable system enable us to partner with more than 40 smart grid companies and apply all relevant technologies that meet your needs – and are proven to work.

While other Smart Grid solution providers push untested proprietary technologies or protocols, EnergyAxis has been proven to work with a myriad of components and applications. By embracing interoperability, our clients enjoy the best of all worlds in our never-ending effort of unifying and improving current and future technologies.

Simply superior solutions
EnergyAxis, powered by the storied legacy of Elster, is the most robust Smart Grid solutions set ever created. With the widest choice of communication technologies possible, our high performance Distributed Intelligence Model, offers unsurpassed security and so much more. EnergyAxis provides the unified solutions for the Smart Grid that your utility needs to flourish – now and in the future – with proven, fast and interoperable Smart Grid solutions.

We understand that choosing the right Smart Grid Solution provider may prove to be the most important decision that your utility ever makes. That’s why we feel that you should choose the one company with Smart Grid solutions that are proven to work now and in the future… Elster’s EnergyAxis Solutions.

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