Grounding Platforms

Three styles of grounding platforms that include the following:

  • Fixed-leg
  • Adjustable-leg
  • Three-sided

Where the terrain is uneven, the adjustable-leg platform has been extremely well received.  Where a utility may have three switches on the same pole, the three-sided platform has been used with great success and it may be with a fixed-leg or adjustable-leg type.

The grounding platforms have several advantages and innovative features that set them apart from other styles.  These include:

  1. Adequate and generous size
  2. Extreme non-skid surface under almost any conditions; including ice, snow, and rain
  3. Elevated platform is not likely to be covered with dirt, grass, etc.
  4. The point of bonding is up out of the dirt so there is less corrosion and it is easier to inspect
  5. All platforms are fully galvanized to prevent rusting

The results are quality product with little or no maintenance costs.  Because safety is always a concern, the grounding platforms provide employees with safer work environment.

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