Polyphase Meters

Polyphase Meters

ALPHA Plus Meter

The ALPHA Plus® meter is a totally electronic single phase or polyphase electricity meter and integral register that collects, processes, and stores energy use and demand data on either a single rate or time of use (TOU) basis. It meets or exceeds the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for electricity metering and is certified for use by industrial and electric utility customers. It has been certified for direct access use in California.

ALPHA Plus is the first meter in its class that can time/date/phase stamp voltage sags as short as 2 line cycles in duration. An internal log maintains this information for the last 40 sags.

ALPHA Plus meters support metering requirements ranging from kWh and kW demand meter to multi-rate, real/reactive meter that automatically validates service connections, provides instrumentation readings and load profile readings with remote communications. ALPHA Plus meters are available in a variety of configurations to meet your revenue metering requirements. The meters also offer a PQM (power quality monitoring) option. This feature helps isolate the cause of transients, harmonics and sags. PQM monitors circuit parameters on a cyclic, 24-hour basis throughout the billing period and recognizes deviations beyond the programmed threshold for each phase.

Instrumentation on the ALPHA Plus meter are display quantities that assists in evaluating the service by providing real time analysis of the conditions present at the meter installation. The instrumentation measurements are near instantaneous and require no memory storage within the meter. Using Elster meter support software, system instrumentation may be configured to select which quantities to display as well as the display sequence where they will be shown.


A3 ALPHA Meter

The A3 ALPHA® meter uses Elster’s patented digital measurement techniques that offer high accuracy, repeatability, and low ownership costs. Building upon standard meter design that includes form consolidation, voltage and class consolidations, 0.2% accuracy class meters, functional scalability and standard two week lead times, the A3 ALPHA meter is available in single phase and polyphase form factors.

The A3 ALPHA meter is a communications platform, and it can be easily integrated into a variety of automated meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions.


ALPHA AS1440 – for Smaert Metering & Other Sophisticated Applications

Based on state of the art technology as well as digital processing of measured values the AS1440 meets the conditions for precise measurement, safe storage and reliable data transfer. The meter is available for either direct or CT/VT connections. Measurements can be done for all four quadrants.

In addition the AS1440 can be equipped with anti-tampering features resp. the detection of manipulation attempts. For remote readings communication modules for WAN-comm. are available (e.g. GSM/GPRS, PLC), as well as M-BUS module for HAN-comm. to gas or water meters. Furthermore a connect/disconnect relay can be installed to switch of the consumer totally or at a parametrisible threshold.

– integrated communication modules available

– deliverable with integrated connector/disconnector relay