Three-Phase “T-Connected” Overhead Distribution Transformers

The Power Partners “T-Connected”, overhead distribution transformer can be used to serve most three phase applications up to 500kVA. “T-Connected” transformers consist of two single-phase core/coil assemblies. This type of connection is also referred to as a “Scott-T” connection.

“T-Connected”, overhead distribution transformers can be used to serve most three-phase applications. However, triplex designed three phase transformers are needed for some applications where large motors are load and these motors are frequently started. Oil field pumping loads and some irrigation pumping loads should use only the triplex designs.


  • 30-500kVA
  • 65º C Temperature Rise
  • 60 Hertz Standard, 50 Hertz Optional
  • Low Voltages: 208T/120, 240T x 480T, and 480T/277
  • High Voltages: 13800 and below

Transformer Primary

Transformer BIL
2400T 60kV
4160T 60kV
4800T 60kV
7200T 75kV
8320T 75kV
12000T 95kV
12470T 95kV
13200T 95kV
13800T 95kV