Electric Power Systems



Testing Services

  • Low through High Voltage Substations
  • Oil Handling & Processing
  • Cable Locating & Fault Location
  • AC & DC Hi-Potential Testing
  • Power Circuit breaker Testing
  • Relay & Meter Calibration
  • Infrared Thermo-graphic Survey
  • Corona Scan
  • Transformer Testing & Commissioning Low through High Voltage
  • Oil & SF6 Power Circuit Breakers
  • Insulating Liquid Analysis
  • Ground Testing
  • Generator Load & System Testing
  • Control System Acceptance Testing
  • Battery Testing
  • UPS Acceptance Testing
  • Electronic Interference Measurements

Repair & Rebuilding Services

  • LV & MV Breaker Rebuild, Remanufacture, Repairs & Retrofit
  • On-Site Switchgear Repairs, Remanufacture, Modification Add on Cubicles
  • Transformer re-gasketing, leak repair, oil reclamation to reduce moisture or gassing

System Protection

  • Short Circuit & Coordination Studies
  • Ground Grid Design
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Power Factor Studies
  • Harmonic & Power Quality Studies
  • Load Flow Studies
  • Motor Starting & Load Studies
  • Substation Design
  • Breaker, Relay and Transformer Upgrades

Substation/Transformer Commissioning

Electric Power Systems substation/transformer commissioning experience has allowed us to provide you with professional and customer oriented service.

Electric Power Systems substation/transformer commissioning service will offer you the following:

  • Provide you with complete substation/transformer commissioning as a contractor on a turn key project, or as a subcontractor
  • Procurement of new or refurbished transformers
  • Dismantling and disposal of all transformers
  • Vacuum Filling to ensure that no moisture or air enters your oil
  • Complete Turnkey Transformer Installation Management
  • Transporting
  • Receiving inspection and testing
  • Assembly
  • Dew Point Testing
  • Pressure Testing/Nitrogen Blanket Application