Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection Products

Tri State TowerAll of LEC’s Lightning Strike Prevention and Protection Systems use charge transfer technology which continually reduces the localized electrostatic charge in the atmosphere so that lightning cannot  terminate within the protected area. All lightning prevention devices are part of LEC’s Integrated Lightning Solutions that also include surge suppression and grounding systems.

Dissipation Array™ System – DAS™

Provides 100% effective strike prevention. The Dissipation Array System is our primary charge transfer technology product. It is a fully custom engineered system designed specifically to fit the environment of each proposed protected area. The DAS is combined with other lightning protection devices, surge protection, and grounding solutions to provide complete protection. 99% Guaranteed with proper maintenance.

Spline Ball Solutions

Spline Ball Ionizer™ – SBI™
The SBI operates on the same charge transfer technology as DAS.  If used as a stand-alone product, it can provide lightning strike risk reduction of approximately 75%, all other strikes are collected. 

Spline Ball Terminal™ – SBT™
Provides lightning strike risk reduction of approximately 60% direct strike prevention, all other strikes are collected. The Spline Ball Terminal is a direct replacement for standard lightning rods. SBTs can be retrofitted into existing lightning rod bases and used in new fully qualified NFPA-780 and UL Master Label systems. SBTs out perform traditional lightning rods by collecting lightning strikes more reliably. SBTs are made of all stainless steel and copper materials and are UL listed. 

Ion Plasma Generator™- IPG™

A Strike Collector that provides a greater attraction force that efficiently creates a significantly larger collection radius as compared to conventional lightning rods. It is often used to protect areas that cannot have strike prevention measures applied.


Dissipation Array System (PDF)

Spline Ball Ionizer™ – SBI™ (PDF)

Spline Ball Terminal™ – SBT™ (PDF)

Ion Plasma Generator – IPG (PDF)