SorbWeb Plus

Please contact PDS, Inc. (your SorbWeb Representative) at 402-596-1991 for additional information!

SorbWeb Plus System:

  • Virtually Maintenance Free—Eliminates the Need for Elaborate Water Control & Handling
  • No electric Wiring or Mechanical Parts Required
  • No Monitoring Required
  • Proven Effective 24/7 Spill & Leak Protection
  • Provides Fire Suppression (Fire Quenching Stone Surface Layer—Reduces Fire Spread)
  • Significantly Reduces Liability Associated with Oil Spills
  • Easy to Repair; Modify & Expand
  • Polymer Half-Life is Greater than 200 Years under an Oxygen-Starved Environment
  • Engineered Hydraulic Containment System
  • Shallow Excavation Depth (Generally Less Than 24”)
  • SorbWeb™ Plus Geocomposite Liner Components are easy to install & replace
  • Life expectancy exceeds the Lifetime of the Transformer

Typical Design Applications:

  • Ground-Based Transformers on Pads
  • Ground-Based Transformers on Grade
  • Deck-Mounted Transformers
  • Transformers protected with Deluge Systems

Installation & On-Site Assembly:

  • SorbWeb™ Plus Installation does not require shutdown of Station Electrical Equipment
  • SorbWeb™ Plus Liner System is Modular in Design & easy to install, disassemble, or reconfigure
  • A unique aspect of the SorbWeb™ Plus System is its passive ability to be effective Oil Containment Method
  • SorbWeb™ Plus System use a modular liner design that offers extreme design flexibility & effectiveness. Liner support containment design can employ poured concrete, berm, or fabricated support walls
  • SorbWeb™ Plus Systems can be placed around individual electrical components or other larger oil-filled equipment
  • SorbWeb™ Plus Systems can be installed over or under cable trays & other obstructions within the containment area
  • SorbWeb™ Plus System is a long-term semi-permanent installation fastened to a support wall (berm or fabricated wall). SorbWeb™ Plus Systems can easily be uninstalled by removing the fire-quenching stone (vacuum truck) & individual liner layers. Excavated SorbWeb™ Plus Systems can be re-installed at locations with the same design criteria
  • The SorbWeb™ Plus System excavation depth is generally less than 24” maximum & may be considerably less, depending on the size of the containment footprint determined for a specific site
  • Electricians are not required for installation
  • A forklift is required for unloading & placing material