Unit Substations

unit substationCombing our vast knowledge of switchgear with our transformer capabilities, we provide quality secondary unit substations.

We can provide a completely tested system from incoming primary switch, to the transformer, down to the low voltage gear.

Double-ended unit substation

Our typical secondary substation is:

  • Primary – 2400 volts to 34,500 volts fused load break switch
  • GE, Westinghouse-Cutler-Hammer-Siemens
  • Transformer – oil or dry, 34,500 volt primary down to a secondary of either 4160 volts or 480 volts
  • Secondary – 4160, 2400 or 480 V switchgear
  • ANSI Metal Enclosed, Group Mounted, Individually Mounted
  • GE, Westinghouse-Cutler-Hammer, Siemens, ABB, Square D



Low Range

High Range

Primary Switch Type Fused Load Breaker Vacuum Gear
. . Single Switch Duplex-Key Locked Switch
Transformer Insulation Dry Type Oil Filled
. Rating 500kVA 10MVA
LV Switchgear Type Switchboard Switchgear
. Voltage 208 Volts 600 Volts
. Current 400 Amps 5000 Amps
. Interrupting Capacity 22 kAIC 200 kAIC
. Trip Ratings Long Time, Instantaneous (LI) Long Time, Short Time, Instantaneous and Ground Fault (LSIG)
. Auxiliaries 1 no/1 nc 4 no/4 nc
. Shunt Trips (list voltage) All ranges All ranges
. Undervoltages (list voltage) All ranges All ranges
. Fuses (limiters) 800 Amps 4000 Amps
. Bus Systems 800 Amps 6000 Amps
. Drawout Systems Fixed mounted Drawout mounted
. Housing Indoor Outdoor

Let us provide you with a budgetary price tailored to your specific requirements.
Please indicate your voltage, current, testing standard, if any (ANSI, UL, etc), breaker versus fuse preference; and we will respond with one or more options if applicable.