PDS, Inc. is your total power solutions provider. PDS, Inc. has access to a wide range of products. These include the ability to provide substations from the ground up; to solving problems due to lightning or power quality. PDS, Inc. can assist you with power equipment requirements in an Industrial facility, power plant, or electrical transmission or distribution system..

PDS, Inc. has a great deal of experience in the operation of manufacturing and process facilities. This allows us to work with a wide range of customers to develop solutions for manufacturing and process facilities. These include electrical testing and maintenance programs, equipment testing and calibration, electrical equipment repair and replacement. The objective is to eliminate downtime so the facility can maximize production.

Products available include the complete electrical substation or the components of a substation such as transformers, breakers, metal clad switchgear, etc.

Monitoring and metering products, ranging from clamp-on and hand-held instruments to power quality recorders and full-function metering systems that provide real time power consumption and power quality data.

Power factor correction services – These include evaluating power bills to determine if power factor correction can result in a savings for the owner. Determining the proper sizing and type of power factor correction required.  As well as installation and set-up services.

Preventative maintenance programs for the high-voltage electrical system beginning with the development of a program and the full array of testing, maintenance and repair services. These can also be upgraded to include retrofits, up-rates and life extension projects for the electrical systems within a facility.

Lightning detection analysis and mitigation. In many facilities, lightning strikes create a great deal of damage and lost production. We can determine if lightning was the cause of a specific outage or event, as well as developing protective schemes so these problems can be avoided in the future, therefore, improving reliability and the availability of production.

Power quality monitoring analysis and mitigation – Power quality is critical in today’s modern facilities. Often times, simply determining if a problem exists can be a significant effort.  We can provide the monitoring and analysis services to determine if a problem exist. Then, provide the mitigation solution to eliminate the problem. This includes harmonic monitoring analysis and mitigation.

PDS, Inc. provides our clients with electrical power equipment and systems as well as cradle to grave support for all the active parts of the electrical system. We look forward to supporting the electric utilities and helping make it successful and profitable.